About Fabric List

Fabric List was created to help fabric shoppers find just what they need on the web. Our hope is that with user help Fabric List will become a fun place to visit for fabric shopping and grow to include every online fabric retailer. If this is your first visit, thanks for stopping in. See if your favorite sites are listed and if they aren't, please register and let us know about them. New sites are always being added.

Fabric List has two main parts, the Site List and the Index. The Site List is the table you see on the home page. You can sort the site list by alphabet, user ratings, or newest sites first. You can also filter the list by type of fabric the site carries - Cotton, Vintage, Home Dec, etc. These are represented by the colored icons next to each listing.

Then there's the Index which deals in the fine details. Say you want lining fabric. Go to the Index and check under L to see if anyone offers that. Browse the Index to discover things you never knew you needed, and add your useful finds for the next user.

Now go buy some fabric!

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